Goose Down & Feathers Pillow

Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® in over 45 years has developed and patented, with the help of medical specialists for health, a series of special pillows specifically design to help give you the healthiest sleep experience.

Some example are: the Chiropractic pillow, the best all-natural feather pillow designed, manufactured and tested to relieve the symptoms of cervical and neck pain and promote proper breathing and even help with snoring issues and the Multiuse pillow, perfect for acid reflux’s suffering and ideal for reading in bed.


Then we can offer you the D'OC Deluxe pillow, which represents the maximum of luxurious softness, filled with Hungarian goose down that is, indisputably, the best for pillows longevity nowadays. It outperforms any other type of down pillows thanks to its immensely soft filling and amazing thread count cotton shells.

The filling of all our pillows are steam sterilized at 120° and the coating cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, so any pillow you choose, you can be sure you will have the healthiest sleep possible.