Our Philosophy


From the beginning, nearly forty years ago, we have been against the “throwaway culture". So we have designed, developed and manufactured our products to such a high standard, that we know they will last for years. We like the idea that our clients can sleep and enjoy our duvets and pillows for many, many years and that the sameduvets and pillows will go on improving the quality of their lives and their sleep. Our duvets are sold with a guaranty of 10 years, and when used properly, can last for 25 years and more.

Originally, we only had 2 types of duvets: the Classic - and the Nordic duvet, their weights were suited to the climate and habitat in the seventies. But as the climate of our planet has changed over the intervening years, so has the variety of our duvets. From the original 2 types of duvets we have gradually reached 9 different types of weight - always made with the best quality goose down clusters from mature geese. We aim to cater for a wide range of personal requirements: softness, lightness, temperature, insulation of the house, the climate of the region in which our clients live. Also, in recent years, we introduced the Bi Comfort duvet, so that couples can sleep under one duvet but with a different weight for each person.

We have never made any compromises with quality. We always use the best goose down filling – as our first customers can testimony, when they return to us after 30 years with an old duvet, which they want to have plumped up a bit.

Nothing is more environmentally friendly than Piumini Danesi pooq dene, because our duvets are made with goose down and 100% cotton!The duvet is 100% natural, so that when it eventually deteriorates (it is not everlasting) it will dissolve into nature without harming the environment.

In contrast to the big Megastores - we have based the design of all our shops on a small Danish farm house, with a thatched roof, as it is still used in Denmark. We combine the charming old house facade with the most modern Scandinavian designs. In our shops at Christmas time, colours explode, red and white handmade Christmas decorations hang on huge Danish Christmas trees. We welcome our customers with a glass of Gloegg, a Danish ginger biscuit and with the traditional greeting “Glædelig Jul”. People travel from far away to visit Piumini Danesi in December - maybe to ask for “plaited” a red and white paper heart or a paper angel.

People, not customers! Everyone should feel at home, when they visit the Piumini Danesi pooq dene shops.