The purchase of a duvet, anywhere in the world, is based on a relationship of trust...

it is important to touch it and slide the fabric between your fingers to perceive the quality and softness of the content. If you feel like you have a cloud in your hands it is definitely a Danish pooq dene® duvet

The quality of our duvets, which have always been made in the Lunderskov factory in Denmark under the Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® patent, has grown year after year thanks to our constant research and valuable feedback from our customers.

Our raw materials come from large farms in Northern Europe where the animals, raised in a harsh climate, develop plumage with optimal thermal capacities.

The entire production process, passing the rigorous controls of Miljøkontrol (Danish environmental control body), is still carried out in our factory with the most modern machinery in order to minimize the impact on the environment:

  • for the plumage, the amount of oxygen, fat and PH value are tested
  • for the anti-feather fabric, 100% cotton, permeability tests are performed through "air and blow tests"
  • washing, drying and sterilization at 120ºC are carried out directly on site.