Denmark Srl was born in 1975, when in Italy people still slept under heavy wool blankets. Thanks to the intuition of its young founders, Italians discover a new way of sleeping: light and fluffy bed duvets.

Thus it was that the production and sale of porcelain and Danish craftsmanship was accompanied by that of duvets only with very light and impalpable goose down, which is why since then “duvets” have been made.

In 1978, after having opened two offices, in Milan and Rome, the Piumini Danesi brand established itself becoming a leader in the field of goose down and bed linen, selecting the best Italian artisan tradition.

In 1992 our logo was created: blue shield, symbol of our commitment to defend quality and red flag, to remember our Danish soul.

In 2001 the word "pooq den®" was added to the Piumini Danesi brand: "Pooq", the name of the first Eskimo who left Greenland and visited Denmark and told the adventurous stories of his journey; "Dene", word of the Inuit people living in the northern Arctic region, which means "people".

Today Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® is present in Italy with 13 single-brand boutiques and on the web: for

e-commerce services.

The current CEO and owner of Denmark srl Piumini Danesi® pooq den® is Else Kappel Schmidt.

Registered office Rome-Via Francesco Crispi 32 - tel. 06 4873 372.

Administrative office and warehouse Casali di Mentana (Rome) - Via delle Molette 40 -tel. 06 90015 538