The Company


Danimarca s.r.l. Piumini Danesi – pooq dene - Italy

Danimarca  s.n.c. was established in May 1975 by two young Danes: Leif Munch Nielsen and Else Kappel Schmidt.

In those days, when the weather was cold, most Italians slept under piles of heavy woollen blankets; and Danes slept under warm, heavy duvets made with goose feathers!
From the very beginning the company chose the lightest weight goose down duvets, which were better suited to the Italian climate. This was a time when many Italians started to travel extensively around Europe. They came across the comfort and convenience of  duvets in their hotel beds abroad. So the company had the opportunity to fill a small niche in the existing bedding market in Italy.  We chose the best quality, most highly prized filling, --goose down. Surprisingly, the company was welcomed by the few existing feather and down producers in Italy. Contrary to normal business practice, Danimarca srl raised the quality level instead of making “price wars”.  The company was self financed because there were plenty of retail trade fairs all over Italy. From the Fiera del Mediterranean in Palermo to the Campionario in Milan, the Danish Duvet stand aroused the interest and curiosity of the Italian globe trotters. 
First establishing itself in Milan in Corso Buono Aires, and in Rome in Via Porta Pinciana, Piumini Danesi started marketing itself with publicity in 1978. It is now the leading brand in Italy of goose down comforters for beds, synonymous with top quality and exclusive Danish manufacturing.
In 1984 Danimarca S.N.C. di Nielsen & Schmidt, founded a parent company in Denmark which founded Danimarca srl Piumini Danesi, Via Crispi, Rome. 
In 1992 the Piumini Danesi trade mark was emphasised with a blue shield with a red banner, to make it more visible and recognisable, because the company’s high quality products were being imitated, in some Italian cities, with inferior quality Danish duvets. 
In 1998 Leif Munch Nielsen sold his half of the company to E.K.Schmidt, but continued to help the company with valuable advice.  
But still the trade mark needed strengthening. In fact Piumini Danesi simple means: Danish Duvets, so in 2001 a futher brand name pooq dene was added to  distinquish Piumini Danesi  from  its imitators.  Dene comes from Inuit from the  northern boreal  Arctic region and  Dene is the common Athabaskan word for "people". pooq comes from Greenland and literally  pooq means bag, cover, caul. But Pooq was also the first Greenlander to visit Denmark and come back to Greenland to tell his countrymen incredible stories about his stay in far away Denmark.
Over the years, Danimarca srl Piumini Danesi pooq dene has relied on the hard work,  research, and professionalism of its staff.  Most importantly, it has enjoyed constant good will, loyalty and support from its customers. This has strengthened the brand all over Italy.  Its “mission of quality and durability” has become the very essence of the company’s  policy.
Today, the company owns 12 exclusive shops located in major cities throughout Italy. 
In 1997 the first homepage: was launched. 
The Managing Director of Danimarca srl Piumini Danesi is still Ms Else Kappel Schmidt; one of the original co-founders of the company.
Our headquarters have always been in Rome in Via Francesco Crispi 32 – 00187 Rome
The administrative office and storage centre is located near Rome, in Via Molette 40 – 00013 Casali di Mentana.