fiocco d'oca
The filling

Careful selection of new white goose down. Only the softest, most voluminous full-bodied and elastic clusters are being chosen. Coming from mature geese from Northern Europe, the down respects our Ethical production from certified farms and respecting the environment.

The vertical channels

The structure is characterized by a configuration of vertical tubular channels with internal baffles which allow the down  to capture the air and move freely through the channels, without however accumulating at the ends.

Hygroscopicity and breathability

Geese are bred in open spaces in the harsh climates of Northern Europe to develop the natural properties of hygroscopicity, insulation, lightness and volume, necessary to guarantee healthy body perspiration.


The baffles

The baffles allow the down flakes to expand and distribute themselves along the entire lenth of the channel, guaranteeing the passage of air without creating empty spaces  and maintaining a constant homogeneous warmth.

Durability and warranty

Our choice to use only the best raw materials and our exclusive patented structure guarantee the duvet a long life over time (20 - 30 years), allowing us to offer a 10 and 12 year guarantee depending on the type of duvet.

cotone batista
Fabric - Swiss Batista cotton

Extremely high quality natural fabric which allows the padding to create insulating air chambers and, thanks to its extraordinary air permeability, allows healthy perspiration and the dispersion of night-time humidity. The particularly delicate and pleasant touch makes the duvet even more comfortable.


Constant temperature - Thermoregulation

The natural properties of hygroscopicity, insulation, lightness and volume, typical of the down flake, guarantee healthy body transpiration. The equal distribution of the contents allows you to maintain a uniform temperature under the duvet.

Patented structure

This particular structure, for which the patent has been registered, is the result of years of research and derives from the meticulous match between the width of the channels and the height of the baffles; this ratio determines the volume of expansion of the flakes (degree of insulation) for each type of Piumini Danesi's duvet..

Downproof fabric -
Hypoallergenic and anti-mite

Our duvets' shells are eco-sustainable. They have a particularly dense weave, which prevents the down flakes from escaping, while at the same time not allowing dust and mites to penetrate. Softness to the touch and wear resistance.