Code of Conduct


When we Danes started working in Italy in 1975, we implemented our traditional way of doing good business which translates into:

  • Honesty and accountability, our word is our bond. The price is the same whether you're a prince or pauper.
  • Full product transparency: all products, materials and contents are clearly documented on labels and documentation.
  • Uniformity throughout the shops: the same company policy and strategy on pricing, warranties and services is applied and practised in all our shops.
  • Commitment to the implementation of eco-friendly practices towards the safe-keeping of animal welfare, nature and the environment.
  • We strive to provide effective and speedy customer service. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to our customer inquiries.  All clients customarily receive satisfactory responses to their questions within 24 hours. Each order - if the product is available - is processed within 24 hours.