Code of Conduct


When we Danes started working in Italy in 1975, we bought our traditional way of doing business. In particular:

  • Accuracy and honesty, our word is our bond, the price is the price for princes and paupers. But we must also admit that we did not apply "discount" simply because we did not know how to handle it!
  • Transparency about our products’ filling, cotton shells, duvet cover fabric, these are on the labels and on our documentation.
  • Same Company Policy and strategy in all our shops: Same prices - Validity of Guarantee - Maintenance Service.
  • The highest quality research and care for all our products. Same high commitment to animal welfare, to the naturalness of our raw materials and protecting the environment.
  • Customer Service: We are fast and timely in "response". All customers normally receive satisfactory answers to their questions within 24 hours. Each order - if the product is available - is processed within 24 hours.