The quality of raw materials:

For the content of our duvets we use a very high selection of down flakes, the most voluminous, from the most mature geese, raised in the harsh Nordic climate. No other natural fiber manages to embody such a large number of qualities: Lightness, Volume, Elasticity, Softness, Insulation, Hygroscopicity, Breathability and Durability.

For the content of the pooq dene® Danish Cushions, it was chosen to use only a mixture of new duvets and gray goose down, particularly resistant and elastic and able to provide the right support.

The lining fabric of our duvets is in 100% Cambric pure cotton which favors perspiration and prevents the contents from leaking.

The fabrics for the pooq dene® duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases, are exclusively in: natural fiber 100% long fiber cotton, linen, linen and silk blend of the best Italian and European production. The sartorial imprint of our garments is evidenced by the guaranty card that accompanies each garment and bears the control signature of the seamstress who made it with great skill.




Our factory is a member of the EDFA (European Down and Feather Association) which has been opposed to “Live Pluck” for years. Thanks to the mandatory traceability (EU Law CE 178 of 2002 also known as HACCP and CE 1069/2009), all the steps, from the egg to the adult animal, are documented by veterinarians and subjected to strict controls by the relevant European bodies, in order to ensure the absence of harmful pathogens.

Product Warranty:

Each duvet is accompanied by a 10 and 12 year guarantee certificate.

Duvet covers: each garment is accompanied by the legal guarantee and the Guaranty card which bears the control signature of the seamstress who made it with great skill.

Transparency on Labels:

On each of our Duvets and Pillows, it is accompanied by a label with a detailed description of all the characteristics of the product in Italian: Brand name , country of origin,Type of article - dimensions - content, Quality parameters: Upholstery fabric, Advice on maintenance and washing and batch reference number.

Customer care:

We are quick and timely in the "response". All customers receive comprehensive answers to their questions within 24 hours (weekdays) Each order - if the product is available - is processed quickly.

Maintenance Service:

From March 15th to June 15th of each year, we offer our customers Maintenance Service at our factory in Denmark and assistance for our Danesi® pooq dene® duvets.

Direct and privileged relationship with our supplier in Denmark.

For the padding, our factory uses only feathers and down from authorized farms. On each lot reserved for Piumini Danesi® pooq dene®, the laboratory carries out further tests for oxygen, grease and pH value.