Since the very beginning Piumini Danesi has stood for, what has little by little become highly be green and be ecological. Doing chores in our individual  lives, we should think about what kind of impact will we have on the planet. 

Hence from the very beginning, Piuminui Danesi made Goose down duvets, pillows and textiles,  which was ment to last for years. We could already in 1977 tell our clients, that they were buying bedding,  which they would use with health benefits for the next 30 years.  – emphasising that  not only their health would gain benefits from investing in a Piumino Danese,  but also the earth would avoid a lot of syntetic covers in the rubbish bins in the same span of years.


The planet  changed over  the last 60 years. The use of  IT made the world shrink and more homogeneous , common people travelled all over the globe - agriculture and artisan crafts were mechanized and people migrated from cities with million and millions of citizens to live in small abodes, lovely modern appartments or huge luxury houses. 

During this mind blowing changes Piumini Danesi  managed  to develop and refine their extraordinary  high quality with the backing of the  Danish factory and  the passionate  expert seamstress confectionists in Sora. The result is a company which has united honest and real craftsmanship  with today's technology in a higher super funtional entity which has no equal in the world.


Piumini Danesi set the individual needs of it's clients first.  PD developed many different duvets suited to different habitats  and persons ; the able experts in the Piumini Danesi shops will spend long time on advising which bedding is ideal  for your rest and  your sleep well-being. We all know that food and sleep is extremly important for people's  satisfactory condition of existence – to have a life  characterized by health, happiness – and with Piumini Danesi you have your sleep assured.