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Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® duvet covers prove that high quality textile products can still be ‘Made in Italy’. Synonymous with comfort, elegance and a perfect finish, our exclusive bedding collection; duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases; are designed and made with passion with top quality fabrics: yarn-dyed cotton, printed cotton, sateen cotton and jacquard. The colours and the printing reflect current trends and we pay attention in choosing the most eco-friendly materials possible. Each duvet cover is a unique piece of craftsmanship individually made in small cottage industries run by Italian families. This means that every duvet cover is unique with its own personality and quality guaranteed by Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®. Not to mention that we offer a made to measure service for your best bespoke experience.

In our vast handcrafted selection of duvet covers can be found all the naturalness of the finest italian fabrics ; from yarn-dyed and printed cotton, smooth sateen and jacquard to pure linen.

They are unique pieces, made with passion. Combining comfort, elegance, perfect finish touch and the strength of the Italian artisan tradition.

Our exclusive collection of duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets is a guarantee of quality and a reflection of fashion . The fabrics of our products are always chosen with particular attention for the environment.


Raw material

It all starts with a beautiful plant with flowers that look like clouds: cotton. It grows in hot climates in times of high humidity alternate with others that are very arid, necessary for the ripening phase of the plant.

The cotton flower is subjected to numerous steps before becoming a yarn, it is stretched many times ironed and combed: this last step is applied to very long cotton fibers, giving rise to a high quality, resistant yarn. The shiness is due to the singing (lint free). Cotton fiber has an inelastic behavior. Mechanical resistance is influenced by the presence of water: wet fibers are more tenacious than dry ones. In the air it has good stability. In contact with the flame it burns very easily, leaving white ash. Leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin.



Piumini Danesi®pooq dene® works exclusively with Italian artisan workshops. This is how our duvet covers are born, demonstrating how it is still possible today to package, even tailor-made, high quality textile products in compliance with the "Made in Italy".

One of the characteristics that distinguishes us is the possibility of offering our customers a "tailor-made" service, especially thanks to our seamstresses who can fulfill every request. Not only duvet covers in special sizes, but we also make the classic sets, single or double, typical of the Italian tradition as well as: finishes, cords, applications, hemstitches, embroidery packages, which make ours unique and suitable for every style.


  • LINE A: Pure cotton (40 Weft yarns - 40 Warp yarns) fine percale, seersuker.

- Cobalt blue Natur Duvet Cover  (Embossed Cotton)

  • LINE B: Pure cotton (40 Weft yarn - 40 Warp yarn) sateen, ovo leather, plumetis and bamboo.

- Giada bamboo sateen duvet cover (Bamboo Fiber)

  • LINE C: Pure cotton sateen (60 Weft yarns - 60 Warp yarns) and pure linen, smooth sateen.

- White Linen duvet cover (100% fine natural linen)

  • LINE D: Damask (80 Weft yarns - 80 Warp yarns) jacquard processing.

- King Beige Duvet Cover (Damask)