Cotton duvet covers

Percale cotton duet covers

Our 100% cotton percale is made with combed cotton,  so that only the long fibers are left. 
The important characteristic of cotton percale is a tight and even weave: the threads cross each other (over – under). We require that a  minimum of 40 x 40  single threads  are used in warp and weft per cm2 to obtain a superior percale for Piumini Danesi.
The percale weave structure  gives our fabric a good soft touch,  leaves it perfect after washing and assures that it is durable in time.

Piumini Danesi's eco-friendly bedding:  each  and every piece of fabric is torn straight thread (not cut) and hand sewn into a unique and exclusive bedding, in Sora - Italy.

The Percale line has Oxford style pillow cases,  finished with a fabric hem of  7 cm  border on the two short sides, adorned with a one line embroidery.
At the end of the the pillow case there is an envelope closure (flap inside of 22cm), so the pillow is tucked in and out of sight for a more finished look.

The duvet cover has a tie closure It is closed with hidden ribbons/ties at the bottom.

Many different fitted sheets are available to combine with our double duvet covers, single duvet covers, king size duvet covers and any other size, in fact we can make to order any size.


Washing cotton duvet covers

Wash white fabric at 60 °C.   Wash colored at 40 °C.  Wash bedding inside out to make it last longer. Do not use softener. Vinegar is a natural  eco-friendly substitute. If you add a bit of white vinegar the colors will be  brighter and your sheets will get softer. 
You can delicately tumble dry the duvet cover, but we suggest  line-drying. It gives a smoother result and it is better for the environment.

 Made with care & attention to details in Sora-Italy.