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Our Creations

Our Creations

Piumini Danesi® pooq dene®, in addition to offering a tailor-made service (bespoke) for the entire range of items, has created and patented a series of special products ready-made to help you sleep well even in particular conditions.
For couples with different temperature needs during the night: the BI-COMFORT®, which combines two duvets with different thermal efficiency, finally allowing both to sleep well at their own desire temperature and wake up very well rested.
The chiropractic pillow, the best all-natural cervical feather pillow designed, manufactured and tested to relieve the symptoms of neck pain and promote proper breathing.

The Feather Cloud® feather mattress topper that will reduce the pressure on your back and shoulders, releasing all tension from your body and giving you a new energizing sleep experience.
Not to mention the additional channels to widen your duvets, the boomerang pillow also excellent as a nursing pillow and the practical and comfortable mini-u pillow with a U-shape.