Mattress topper The "Feather Cloud"

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Mattress topper The "Feather Cloud"

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The "Feather Cloud" is our luxury double-layer feather and down mattress topper.

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Feather Cloud®

Maybe you have once experienced a magnificent night’s sleep in a 5 stars luxury hotel bed, waking up as good as you could not have imagined possible with an unexpected well-being feeling… well, that was most likely due to a feather topper hidden below the bed sheets.
To allow you to enjoy that experience every night in your own bed, Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® has developed and patented its Feathercloud® structured with double channels which do not coincide on top of each other to assure you  the  maximum of comfort and more durabibility in comparison to the  standard squared structured featherbeds.  Our featherbed  features a double layers, with soft goose feather in the bottom and the lightest duck down clusters on top which create a cloud-like surface to rest upon.
When lying down on our soft cloud Topper the muscles will loosen up, reducing the pressure on the back and shoulders and relieving all the tension from your body, giving you a new energizing sleep experience.
The natural insulation of down and feather and the 100% Twill Cotton coating will allow you to enjoy our thermoregulated topper all year round even in hot climate because, in the hot summer nights, it will absorb moisture giving you a fresher feeling.

Designed, controlled and imported by Danimarca s.r.l. Piumini Danesi. Produced in Hungary under Piumini Danesi's highest strandards.

Tips for washing and drying.

Contrary to what one might think, the feather topper does not need to be washed often, generally every 3-5 years, but if you follow the advice listed below, you can wait even longer.
VERY IMPORTANT: The Feather Cloud pooq dene feather topper SHOULD NOT BE DRY CLEANED!
Strictly wash with water. You will need a washing machine with a very large basket (at least 20kg), so it is advisable to use a laundromat or a professional laundry better with a bottle of our specially manufactured soap for the proper washing of the duvet.
Carry out a delicate washing cycle in warm water and using half a dose of already diluted delicate liquid detergent; after washing, run a second cycle for delicate clothes always in warm water without using soap in order to obtain a truly complete rinse.
To dry, insert the feather cloud in a dryer at medium heat, together with our special balls (or with some light-colored tennis balls) which, bouncing on the basket, will help the topper to dry well and regain its “softness”.
A second drying cycle is recommended, then remove the feather topper from the basket and shake it to even the contents.

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Topper in feather and down
100% Twill cotton
Shell color
24 month
Fabric type
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