Handcrafted bedding

Handcrafted bedding

For our textiles we choose only organic and natural fibers: cotton, bamboo and linen; fabrics worked with great skill to create unique pieces of the highest quality. Laying your head  on one of our pillow cases, using one of our sheets or duvet covers, will make you understand that Piumini Danesi ® sleeping is a unique experience for the true connoisseur.

Oxford style pillow cases, finished with a fabric hem of 7 cm border around the three sides, adorned with an a-jour embroidery made with the CORNELY 10 sewing machine, which crafts the best a-jour embroidery.

At the end of the pillow case there is an envelope closure (flap inside of 22cm), so the pillow is tucked in and out of sight for a more finished look.

The duvet cover has a tie closure. It is closed with hidden ribbons/ties at the bottom.

Browse our wide range of fitted sheets  for matching our duvet covers.