Cotton Fitted Sheets Plain Color


Cotton Fitted Sheets Plain Color

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  • 100% cotton Percalle.
  • Plain color.
  • Handcrafted in Italy.
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Percalle cotton: Softness and longevity

For our percalle cotton fabrics, we exclusively use combed cotton: during the manufacturing process, the fibers are meticulously arranged, undergoing a "combing" process to eliminate the shorter ones and align the longer fibers in a single direction, following the lengthwise orientation of the carded ribbon. This ensures the fabric's enhanced softness and durability.

Who is percalle cotton for?


For those who desire a fabric that is entirely natural, processed without harmful substances.

For those who are seeking a soft and velvety fabric that can withstand the test of time.




Create your own bedding set

You can create each set by customizing every detail: choose the sheets, pillowcases, and fitted sheets you prefer, and craft your exclusive bedding ensemble.

Before using the fitted sheets

The indicated dimensions of our bedding refer to the size after washing. Since our fabrics are made of natural fibers, we have carefully  calculated their shrinkage. Our bedding will find the right size only after 2-3 washes. We therefore recommend always washing our bedding before use.


How to wash Percalle cotton fitted sheets

Wash white fabric at 60 °C.   Wash colored at 40 °C.  Wash bedding inside out to make it last longer. Do not use softener. Vinegar is a natural  eco-friendly substitute. If you add a bit of white vinegar the colors will be  brighter and your sheets will get softer. 

You can delicately tumble dry the duvet cover, but we suggest  line-drying. It gives a smoother result and it is better for the environment.

 Made with care & attention to details in Sora-Italy.

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Fabric type
100% long-staple combed cotton percale.