I nostri standard


1) We have a direct and 37 year long and solid relationship with our supplier in Denmark and the same factory sends us regularly the documentation that they only use selected goose down from authorized European slaughterhouses. Furthermore on each batch of downs reserved for Piumini Danesi, mandatory the factory’s laboratory performs tests on filling power, oxygen, grease and pH value.

2) Quality of our raw materials:
The highest selection of down clusters (the most voluminous) from the undercoating of mature geese, reared in cold climate. No other natural fibre offers as many good qualities as goose down: Lightness - Volume - Elasticity - Softness - Insulation - Breath ability and Durability.

3) - For the filling of our pillows: we have chosen to use down and feathers, which has a smaller structure, but which is rigid and more suited to give support for the head. The choice of duck down and feather is also considering that goose down and feather are rarer and the price of a pillow using goose feathers will surge to an unproportional high price in respect to the durability of a pillow which normally has to be renewed after 8 years

4) The shells of our duvets and pillows: is 100% cotton Cambric and 100 % cotton Twill which wicks away perspiration and for which we can guarantee for years that the filling will not come out.

5) The fabrics for our duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases: is the highest quality of Italian and European cotton fabric, woven with 100% natural thread from combed long cotton fibre, flax, linen and silk. The confection of our duvets covers is made (tailored) here in Italy item after item with old fashioned respect for the tailoring handicraft. For example the fabric of each duvet cover is torn by hand - never cut. Every duvet cover and pillow case is accurately controlled by the seamstress and you will find in every confection a warranty card signed by the Italian maker.

6) Product guarantee: All our duvets are accompanied by the Certificate of Guarantee of 10 years: We guarantee that there will be no down out slip, that the stitching will not break and that the duvet will not loose it volume.

7) Maintenance Service: from April 1st. to July 1st. every year, we offer our customers the service and maintenance support for our Danish Duvets, i.e. if you have changed your house and you either need more or less goose down in you duvet – we will send the duvet to the factory in Denmark with your instructions and adapt the duvets to your new habitat. Or simply your duvet is getting “tired” after 25 years of use and we will plump it up.

8) We have maintained the possibility of making: Bespoke duvets that are designed for you! “Made-to-measure” duvets for clients. People come in all sizes and so do bedrooms.

9) We do not use “call centres” When you contact Piumini Danesi you will talk with a duvet or pillow expert, who will ask you relevant questions concerning your sleeping habits and who will advise you about your purchase.

10) We are fast. We do reply to your questions immediately – and we do ship within 24 hours.