The D'oc Deluxe Pillow


The D'oc Deluxe Pillow

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Classic rectangular pillow 50x80 cm - Soft, low and flexible - Weight: 600g -

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This luxurious D'Oc Deluxe Pillow represents the absolute finest among European goose down pillow; we have combined extremely large goose down clusters in a cambric shell covereds with the finest batiste from Switzerland to create a pillow, which is an unforgettable wonder.

Springy soft and elastic medium low pillow. Weight of the content 600g. Standard size 50x80 cm


Who is the Cushion D'Oc Deluxe for?

The Cushion D'Oc Deluxe is ideal for those who:

  • Choosy people who simply want the best
  • Want to indulge in the luxury of a one-of-a-kind pillow, totally natural and made to be one of the best goose down pillows in the world
  • need a pillow that is low enough to keep the cervical vertebrae aligned, helping to prevent any postural problems
  • Adore cuddling themselves sleeping on a soft pillow
  • Are looking for the best pillow and didn't experienced yet the unique soft sensation of the D'Oc Deluxe pillow


Soft and adaptable like a delicate caress on the face. The Cushion D'Oc Deluxe is ideal for those who want to sleep with a low, soft and extremely malleable pillow.


What makes this pillow special?

Imagine living a magical sleep experience, like resting the head on a soft pillow that gives an inimitable rest.

  • the filling is composed exclusively of a fine selection of new white goose down clusters , for its breathable and insulating properties
  • the outer covering fabric is 100% Swiss Batista Cotton in white, natural, light and composed of fine and soft yarns
  • the outer fabric is Swiss batiste and the interior is made of 100% pure white Cambric cotton, down proof , with an extremely tight weave, which does not allow the contents to escape and the dust mites to penetrate


Thanks to the unique properties of the new white goose down, the D'Oc Deluxe is an incredibly light, soft and precious pillow. The best pillow to indulge in a little luxury, without sacrificing practicality and attention to a truly healthy rest.


Pillow protectors and pillow cases

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How to wash the pillow 

Washing: Tepid water and tumble dry with some white tennis balls to bounce back elasticity to the filling.
For more care instructions click here.

Downpass certified

It guarantees the high quality of the product and the goose down clusters and feathers used as filling material from certified, controlled and traceable supply chains.


OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Certification that certifies the non-harmfulness of fabrics for human health and the environment.


RDS certified

RDS is the leading certification standard for products containing feathers and down clusters from certified farms.


Data sheet

600g goose down
100% Swiss batiste cotton
24 month
Made in
Medium and fluffy