The Climabalance® Duvet

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The Climabalance® Duvet

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Recommended for the mid-season (spring and autumn), well-insulated homes and well-heated bedrooms. Ideal for those who give off a lot of body heat. TOG 5.00

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The Climabalance Duvet is super lightweight for the summer. The right combination of goose clusters, cotton and 3D technology to protect you from humidity and heat.

The mesh openings avoids perspiration and ensure the right body temperature in hot summer nights and helps you to obtain long and regenerating sleep. This Duvet is recommended for summer and for very insulated and well-heated rooms. Also ideal for those with a higher body temperature.

Climabalance® is an advanced air conditioning system for your bed.



Designed and made in Germany, the series of mesh fabric openings create breathable micro-climatic zones that dissipate excess heat and humidity up to three times faster than normal avoiding the discomfort of excessive sweating and keeping constant body temperature.

A summer breeze that leads to a feeling of well-being and a balanced temperature in your bed, available in single and matrimonial






White new european down and feathers, grade I, 90% down, 10% feathers. TOG 5.00

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Goose down cluster


100% cotton batiste 135 and mesh panels in reticulated polyester


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Down proof fabric (Zoom 20x)


The structure is characterized by a configuration of squares without baffles and mesh squares in cross-woven polyester. It allows the dispersion of body moisture while maintaining a fresh microclimate


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Duvet channels with baffles



For a correct washing and drying procedure of the duvet follow our guide click here


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