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The Climabalance® Duvet

€ 298,20 tax excl.

€ 350,82 tax excl.

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Recommended for the mid-season (spring and autumn), well-insulated homes and well-heated bedrooms. Ideal for those who give off a lot of body heat.

Climabalance® is the natural air-conditioning system for your bed. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the series of mesh fabric panels create breathable microclimatic zones that take away excess heat and humidity (up to three times faster than usual); helps avoid the discomfort of sweating and maintains a constant body temperature.

Its like a summer breeze that provides a feeling of well-being and balanced temperature in your bed. Currently available in two sizes.


White new european down and feathers, grade I, 90% down, 10% feathers.

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Goose down cluster


Fine maco percale PX made of 100% white batiste cotton.

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Down proof fabric (Zoom 20x)


A box design with 12 squares of climate zones – no piping – allows the dispersion of body moisture while maintaining a fresh and healthy microclimate.

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Duvet channels with baffles
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