Why choose pooq dene® textiles? It all starts with a beautiful plant with flowers resembling clouds: cotton. The cotton flower undergoes numerous steps before becoming a yarn, it is stretched multiple times, ironed, and combed: the latter step applies to very long cotton fibers, resulting in a high-quality yarn, resistant, and shiny thanks to singeing (no lint).

Our fabrics are made with Egyptian cotton, long staple and combed. Our choice has always been focused only on high-quality, precious, and durable fabrics.

Critical for the creation of quality bed linen, in addition to choosing a good fabric, is the thread count used per square centimeter of fabric, in both warp and weft (weave).

Cotton flower

What is thread count? Thread count in the textile industry is a marketing creation that started in the United States. Although it has its advantages, it has been abused by the industry for many years.

It is the total threads used in 1 square inch of fabric and all that is done is count the warp and weft threads in that square inch. The warp is the measurement of length during weaving and the weft of threads along the width.


Cotton percalle line A - Piumini Danesi pooq dene®

filato realizzato con macchinario apposito

40 Weft threads - 40 Warp threads in 1cm²

Thread Count Cotton percalle line A in 1in² (2,54 cm * 2,54 cm)lavorato-thread-coutn-2%20(1).jpg

400* Thread count in 1in² 
*double twisted threads


Piumini Danesi buy fabric made with double twisted threads, meaning that in a fabric with 40 threads per cm² they are doubled.

Finally, we also care about pollution and water and insist that our weavers, dyers, and printers use the best possible water treatment systems to ensure quality in every way.

For our cotton, we work with 40 weft threads and 40 warp threads compared to a standard production of 20 weft and 24 warp threads.



Thread counter magnifier



Cotton line A and line B  
40 Weft threads - 40 Warp threads in 1cm



Cotton Sateen Line C 
60 Weft threads - 60 Warp threads in 1cm²



Damask Line D 
80 Weft threads - 80 Warp threads in 1cm²


Straight Thread Tear

Finally, the packaging: Danish Duvets® pooq dene® works with some Italian artisanal family-run workshops. Our seamstresses, just like in the past, "tear" the fabrics to be packaged straight, and do not cut as is done at the industrial level. This allows the duvet cover to have perfect craftsmanship. The finishes, the piping, the applications, the ajour, the embroideries, make our packages elegantly simple, suitable for every style.

5%20de.jpgStraight Thread Tear