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A clever system of combining two duvets to create one and satisfy individual needs.

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The BI-COMFORT® duvet is the solution for couples with different body temperatures, hence they have different duvet exigencies. So Piumini Danesi has patented a clever system of combining two units of duvets to create one duvet, which respects 2 persons' individual warmth requirements.

With the Bicomfort duvet each person will choose her/his adequate cover and will finally sleep well and wake up rested and full of energy instead of fighting about room temperature or if the windows should be closed or open.

In addition, during the day the bed is a perfect uniform matrimonial bed.

It is an innovative modular duvet: Two single duvets 135x 220cm with new white goose down, combined laterally with buttons, to form a double duvet of 270 x 220 cm ready to be inserted inside a traditional duvet cover.

Four modules of duvet with different weights are available and can be assembled according to your different physical requirement :

  1. WINTER, for people who particularly suffer from the cold. TOG 13.5
  2. INTERMEDIATE, for people with a normal body temperature TOG 12.0
  3. LIGHT, for people with medium-high body temperature. TOG 7.00
  4. SUMMER, for people with particularly high body temperature. TOG 4.00


Our BI-COMFORT® duvet is based on nordic tradition, in fact, it is still made with the same excellent quality of new white goose down and the best light blue Cambric pure cotton fabric, like our Classic duvet, a success since 1975, when in Italy the use of the duvet, mostly synthetic, was in vogue.

4 soft and light duvets, designed for those who rely on duvets to enjoy a natural warmth, softness, and a pleasant sensation of lightness. Suitable for allergy sufferers.

The modules of the BI-COMFORT® duvet, totally natural and ecological are also suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

The BI-COMFORT® units can also be used separately as single duvets, but are mainly used as a composite matrimonial quilt.

A range of duvet covers is also available in the 135x220cm size.

Weight loss and opening of the original seams are guaranteed for 10 year 




The filling consists solely of soft, elastic, full-bodied new white goose down.

The geese are raised in open spaces and in the cold climates of northern Europe, which develop the natural properties of hygroscopicity, isolation, lightness, and volume, necessary to ensure healthy body transpiration and comfortable rest.

The composition of this filling enclosed in 100% natural down-proof cotton cambric forms a  hypoallergenic anti-mite and anti-rheumatic duvet.

Our eco-friendly choices have always been those of using only the best new raw materials and are based on ethics; Piumini Danesi's duvets made in Denmark are following certified production systems that respect both environmental protection and animal welfare and is firmly against any form of live pluck.

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Goose down cluster


The Shell Fabric

The shell fabric is made from 100% smooth down-proof cambric cotton, which helps the filling to create insulating air chambers, and the fabric's extraordinary air permeability allows for healthy and natural transpiration.

The particularly tightly woven fabric prevents the filling from escaping, while at the same time it does not allow dust and mites to penetrate inside.

The cambric fabric is soft to the touch, does not make noise, and is durable for decades

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Down proof fabric (Zoom 20x)



The structure, patented by Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®,  is characterized by a configuration of vertical tubular channels, with internal baffles, necessary to maintain homogeneous insulation, which keeps the body temperature steady (without ups and downs) 

Since the down is minimally compressed, greater durability and longevity are also achieved.

For the summer module: The structure is characterized by a square configuration, without baffles, allowing the rapid dispersion of body moisture while maintaining a fresh and healthy microclimate.

The size of the various  BI-COMFORT® duvet modules make them suitable for washing the duvets at home, without having to go to professional structures.

But the less you wash a goose down duvet the better, if you want your goose down duvet to last for 30 years and more. But please read the washing and drying instructions for duvets carefully.



For a correct washing and drying procedure of the duvet follow our guide click here

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Duvet channels with baffles 
patent Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®

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100% cambric cotton
Shell color
sky blue
10 years
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