The Eiderdown Duvet


The Eiderdown Duvet

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The preferred choice of true connoisseurs who seek out the best. This duvet is the softest and lightest in the world. A rare commodity, it is the gem of luxury bedding.

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The highly prized Eiderdown duvet, is extremely rare and sought after, and appreciated by connoisseurs, who desire the top of luxury. The Eiderdown duvet is considered the most exclusive duvet in the world.

 If you want to sleep like a queen or a king, we can make your Eiderdown duvet, to the size you prefer, covered in pure silk.

King Christian IV of Denmark had artificial colonies created, in northern Norway in 1651, to be able to dispose of the eiderdown duvets, for personal use, and his court.

The filling is obtained from the gathering of eiderdown clusters during June in the Faroe Islands and Iceland, which are the preferred nesting sites for the eiderfowl.  During the hatching period, the female plucks her chest and uses her soft down clusters to stuff the nest and protect her young from the cold.  As soon as the ducklings can fly, the nests are abandoned.  It is only after this natural migration that local experts begin the patient work of collecting the precious duvet, under the strict control of the authorities; only 5-10 grams maximum is collected per nest.

There are many superlatives to describe this extraordinary duvet with important factors such as the eiderdown filling, the silk cover, and the meticulous craftsmanship. So we can understand that an eiderdown duvet is a rare gem to own and it will last for generations.

Two sizes are currently available to order with a lead time of 3 to 5 weeks to receive this precious masterpiece.

Guarantee certificate: 15 years


Filling Power

  • Filling Power 26 Scale EN 12130 / A is the European measurement standard for 30g thermal efficiency. The possible values vary from 4cm to 26cm of the Eider. Beyond 22cm you risk running into live pluck, an unethical and illegal practice in DK.
  • Filling height 26 cm and mass volume 1032 in³ / 30 g. EN12130 / A
  • TOG 14,0 This is a measurement system of Anglo-Saxon countries and refers exclusively to the degree of heat. For example, a duvet with 20kg of chicken feathers has the same TOG of 550g of fine duvet.




The filling consists only of soft and full-bodied eiderdown from the wild eider ducks.

Soft and light, they are hand-picked from abandoned eider nests in the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

They are particularly elastic and resistant, thanks to the harsh climate of the islands, which allows the development of the natural properties of hygroscopicity, insulation, lightness, and volume, necessary to ensure healthy body transpiration and comfortable rest, thus allowing us to create hypoallergenic and antirheumatic duvets with very fine artisan workmanship.

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The Shell Fabric

The upholstery fabric is 100% natural ivory silk with a jacquard weave. In this way, the down clusters cannot get out and mites and dust cannot penetrate.

This allows the filling to absorb air and create the right thermal insulation, and allow the body to breathe healthily.


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The structure is characterized by a square configuration, with internal baffles, necessary to maintain a continuity of the surface of the duvet, to promote insulation and constant homogeneous warmth.





 For a correct washing and drying procedure seek advise from a professional laundry for DRY CLEANING.

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Duvet channels with baffles

Data sheet

Fill power
cm 26 – EN 12130 (European standard for measuring thermal efficiency)
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King and Super King size
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