Silk Pillow


Silk Pillow

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50x80 cm classic rectangular pillow. Low and Soft. Weight: 600g

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Medium and soft pillow, in new white goose down clusters . Weight of content: 600g. Measure 50x80 cm.


"Silk" the dream pillow

For those who, are aware of being the most precious thing in the world, Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® has created "Silk" the pillow in pure goose clusters: incomparably pleasant to the touch, embellished with a luxurious covering in pure ivory-colored jacquard silk, rich in fine finishes with attention to the smallest details, for a visual impact of great effect and unparalleled sensory pleasure. 


The emotion of the delicate caress of silk

This silk pillow delicately caresses the skin, tickles the senses with the sensation of sleeping on something unique, with incomparable softness.

It is a natural beauty treatment for the skin and hair because:

- Keeps them hydrated all night, thanks to its unique characteristics that retain their natural moisture

- Generates 43% less friction than cotton, avoiding skin rubbing and crease marks

- Allows the skin to breathe, thanks to its breathable properties


A unique process

The Jacquard processing technique of the shell fabric of this cushion allows the creation of the precious design that decorates it. Furthermore, this age-old technique makes the beauty of the decoration "eternal", because the color is woven directly into the fabric and does not fade over time.


The best new white goose down clusters

For the realization of the Silk, the best softest and most precious goose down clusters are selected. Every night you will still fall in love with the unique sensation, you will let yourself be lulled by the softness of this pillow, letting yourself go to the splendor of dreams.

Thanks to the goose down clusters you will have a more relaxed, dry and healthy sleep. Its breathable, hygroscopic, elastic and insulating properties will give you a truly out of the ordinary rest in any season.



We recommend using under pillow protectors to fully protect pillows. Click here to find out which under pillow cases to match.

Washing: Tepid water and tumble dry with some white tennis balls to bounce back elasticity to the filling.
For more care instructions click here.


Downpass certified

It guarantees the high quality of the product and the goose down clusters and feathers used as filling material from certified, controlled and traceable supply chains.



OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Certification that certifies the non-harmfulness of fabrics for human health and the environment.



RDS certified

RDS is the leading certification standard for products containing feathers and down clusters from certified farms.


Data sheet

100% new large goose down - EN 12934 Pure Goose
Filling volume
600 g
Made in
Medium and fluffy