Originated from nature

Silk is the queen of natural fibers. Also in our modern world she is irreplaceable. The organic structure of the silk is most similar to the human skin. Silk lets the skin breath and has a positive stimulating effect. Warm in winter and cool in summer.


image depicting a landscape with trees and mountains

Selected with the greatest care

There are up to 8 types of silk. Each has its own origin, its own characteristics, its own type of extraction and its price. Finding the right one doesn’t just mean knowing where to buy it ; it’s about knowing what to buy and how to process it. We use up to 5 types of silk, each one well assigned to the product that is created from it.

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Not all silks are created equal

The long-term relationship with our suppliers, our visits to the production facilities, as well as the constant research and development in the processing of silk make it possible for us to setting the benchmark since years.


Manufactured with best quality yarns

Only the best is enough. Buying yarn in the highest quality levels like Gregé Grad 6A or Schappe Grad TOP from long term partners. Every yarn cone is contolled and cleaned at the entrance control. Differnt yarn types like Gregé, Schappe, Crepé or Tussah. More than 25 yarn colors preset. Yarndyed fabrics up to 3 colored or piece dyed according to customer requirements.

yarn made with special machinery

Designed with love

From design to execution, everything in-house. This enables customer-specific patterns or variations in a short time. Course of its very fine filaments, highly detailed patterns can be realized. Direct exchange between the design department and the weaving mill enables best results in the implemtation of designs. A huge pool of patterns, more than 2000 designs.To create something new with such a historical product is like making art. Shifting bound-aries, recombining influences without forgetting the origins.

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Woven with our own made warps

Our own warp production allows us to get the best and specific warps for our needs. It guarantees high, consistent quality and is based on years of experience. Full inhouse processing makes this possible.

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Woven with the highest precision

High-precision jacquard weaving machines with up to 40,000 threads. A repeatsize up 42cm and a fabric with up to 280cm. Our production is not reminiscent of industry, it is not about a lot and fast. Our production is like a studio like a factory, it’s about quality and beauty.

high precision fabric machine

Controled with the most care

Full control at every point in the manufacturing process In house inspection and marking.

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and Ökotex certified.


washing of bed linen product with castile soap

Gently finished

In house finishings like downproof, water repellent or pretreated for printing. Silk is fine, delicate, soft so it also needs sensitive processing and finishing. In the gelling process, for example, our goods are washed with the finest Marseille soap.


precision at every point of the production process

Handmade with passion

Each piece is individually cut to order. Processing such a valuable natural product means being careful with every cm. With great love for details we process the natural product silk to exclusive fabrics which are lovingly handcuted in our own sewing department. Discover more

our products are made with silk manufactured in Germany by Plauener Seidenweberei GmbH