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Bamboo Sateen Sheets Blue

€ 20,20 tax excl.

€ 23,77 tax excl.

  • Decor pillow case (40x40cm)
  • Pillow case small size (38x55cm)
  • Pillow case for round pillow (45x16cm)
  • Pillowcase (50x80cm)
  • Pillow case (80x80cm)
  • Bodyfriend pillowcase (120x40cm)
  • Junior size bed sheet (120x180cm)
  • Single size bed sheet (160x290cm)
  • Double size bed sheet (220x290cm)
  • King size bed sheet (260x290cm)
  • Junior Fitted Sheet Plain Color (60x130x15cm)
  • Single size Fitted Sheet Plain Color (85x200x25cm)
  • Double size Fitted Sheet Plain Color (120x200x25cm)
  • King size Fitted Sheet Plain Color (170x200x25cm)

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Bamboo sateen bed sheets set in a classic blue colour. Available in a wide range of sizes or made to measure.

The Bamboo fabric is fresh, soft, smooth and luxuriously comfortable. It also absorbs and evaporates the sweat very fast and its extraordinary natural breathability keeps you comfortable and dry for a longer time.
For sensitive or allergy prone skin, bamboo is perfect, as the fiber itself is smooth and round, so it is non-irritant.

  • 100% Bamboo sateen.
  • Pillow cases with 2 volants and art-cordonetto.
  • Flat Sheets with art-cordonetto.
  • Fitted sheets in blue plain colour.

LineLine B
Fabric typeBamboo fiber
Fabric100% bamboo sateen