The Air-Duct Duvet

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The Air-Duct Duvet

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This light summer duvet is ideal for use in air-conditioned surroundings or during warm spring or autumn. TOG 3.00

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Refresh your summer nights with our revolutionary Air-Duct Duvet.

Designed with the craftsmanship and attention to details that only Piumini Danesi can offer, this duvet is an unparalleled enjoyment in the world of comfort.


  • Superior Comfort: The softness of goose down combined with the breathability of fabric strips ensures exceptional comfort, creating an ideal rest environment.

  • Microclimate Regulation: The channel construction allows perfect regulation of the bed's microclimate, maintaining the freshness and dryness necessary for a restorative sleep.

  • Craftsmanship: Each duvet is meticulously crafted, guaranteeing a high-quality and durable product.

Ideal For:

  • Those seeking a duvet that offers superior comfort with innovative temperature regolation.

  • Individuals desiring an artisanal product made with high-quality materials.

  • Anyone wishing to avoid hot or cold areas during sleep.

Natural and ecological, it is suitable even for those suffering from allergies.

Available in various sizes, from single to queen and king sizes, and can also be custom-made. We can also provide duvets for special needs, such as round beds, for yachts and luxury boats, or upon request from architects.

Guarantee: Weight loss and opening of the original seams is guaranteed 2 years.


Filling Power


  • Filling power 22 Scale EN 12130 / A is the European measurement standard for 30g thermal efficiency. The possible values? vary from 4cm to 26cm of the Eiderdown. Beyond 22cm you risk running into live pluck, an unethical and illegal practice in DK.


  • 61 g / m2 pure goose EN12934 Filling height 22 cm and mass volume 890 in3 / 30g EN12130 / A – EN13186.


  • TOG 4.0 This is a measurement system of Anglo-Saxon countries and refers exclusively to the degree of heat. For example, a duvet with 20kg of chicken feathers has the same TOG of 550g of a fine duvet.






The fill is of the highest quality, hand-selected new and soft pure goose down originating from cold Nordic regions. Particularly elastic and resilient, the natural properties of the fluffy down allows it to act as an excellent thermal insulator as it can trap and hold air. Its antirheumatic and hypoallergenic qualities helps promote a comfortable rest.

Our policy is to use only the finest new raw materials and implement eco-friendly production practices that respect the safe-keeping of animal welfare, nature and the environment. TOG 4.00


Bootstrap Image Preview
Goose down cluster


Shell Fabric

The shell is made of natural fibers; 100% long-combed Egyptian cotton threads woven to produce a Swiss batiste fabric, distinguishable by its sheen. This breathable fabric allows air to easily pass through and permits the fill to trap and block air to create the perfect insulation and also allow for healthy body transpiration.

It is tightly woven to prevent the escape of down and deter dust and mites from penetrating. Soft to the touch yet resistant to wear.


Bootstrap Image Preview
Down proof fabric (Zoom 20x)



The structure is an alternation of channels filled in goose down channels and breathable fabric strips woven with a mesh texture. This innovative combination allows the duvet to maintain a constant optimal microclimate, promoting the dispersion of sweat and excess heat to the external environment.

The result is a high-quality summer duvet, maintaining the best cover for the body, protecting from humidity and air condition, and ensuring constant well-being during summer sleep.

The tubular channel construction ensures even distribution of temperature and prevents the formation of areas that are too hot or too cold.


Bootstrap Image Preview
Duvet channels with cooling area
patent Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®


Care Instructions

 For a correct washing and drying of the duvet follow our guide click here



Certificazione No Live Pluck



Data sheet

grado di calore
King and Super King size
100% new, high-grade white large goose down - EN 12934: Pure Goose
Fill power
cm 13 – EN 12130 (European standard for measuring thermal efficiency)
Filling volume
61 g/m2
100% Swiss batiste cotton
Shell color
24 month
Filling power