The Silk Quilt


The Silk Quilt

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Made of pure goose down and a luxurious ivory jacquard silk lining and rich embellishments, available in three weeks after order.

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Our "Silk" quilt in pure goose down clusters, incomparably pleasant to the touch, embellished with a luxurious ivory-colored jacquard silk shell, rich in prestigious finish.

We have paid attention to the smallest details, for a visual impact, when the silk quilt is covering your prescoius bed in the day time, meanwhile the silk quilt will surround you in the night like a silky soft cloud which regulates your body temperature and guarantee you a prolonged healty sleep. No wonder that the silk duvet is the choice of many of our top notch clients.

Luxurious, precious filling, refined the finishes, incredible to the touch, that our prestigious pure silk duvet, which would be perfect around the shoulders of a princess like gorgeous royal mantle.

Created for those who yearn to have an experience of unparalleled softness and comfort every night. Currently available in one size to order.


Filling Power

  • Filling power 22 Scale EN 12130 / A is the European measurement standard for 30g thermal efficiency. The possible values vary from 4cm to 26cm of the Eiderdown. Beyond 22cm there is a risk to incur into live pluck, an unethical and illegal practice in DK.
  • 65 g / m2 pure goose EN12934 Filling height 22 cm and mass volume 890 in3 / 30g EN12130 / A – EN13186.
  • TOG 5 This is a measurement system of the Anglo-Saxon countries and refers exclusively to the degree of heat. For example, a duvet with 20kg of chicken feathers has the same TOG of 550g of fine duvet.


The Silk Filling

The filling consists solely of soft, elastic, full-bodied new white goose down clusters, which due to an additional selection of the goose down clusters have an extremely high thermal insualtion capacity and breathablility.

The geese are raised in open spaces and in the cold climates of northern Europe, which develop the natural properties of hygroscopicity, isolation, lightness and volume, necessary to guarantee a high degree of body transpiration and a comfortable rest, thus allowing us to create an anti-mite and hypoallergenic duvet.

Our eco-friendly choice has always been to use only the best new raw materials and based on ethics, because the duvets are made in Denmark through certified production practices that respect both the environment and animal welfare. categorically opposing any form of live pluck.


The Shell Fabric

The upholstery fabric is 100% natural ivory silk with a with a jacquard weave. In this way the down clusters cannot get out and mites and dust cannot penetrate.

This allows the filling to absorb air and create the right thermal insulation, and allow the body to breathe healthy.



The structure is characterized by a square configuration, with internal baffles, necessary to maintain a continuity of the surface of the duvet, to promote insulation and a constant homogeneous low warmth.