Riflu BABY Pillow

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38x55 cm - Very soft and low - Filling: 400g - Structure: Triangular profile

Riflu BABY is the anti-reflux pillow designed by Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® for the little ones.

Its 25 ° inclination it guarantees a peaceful sleep helping to prevent reflux and to facilitate the breathing of newborns when they have a cold. it is very important to keep the nose clean with physiological solution to free the blocked nose.

Made with 100% natural materials Riflu BABY also ideal as an inclined plane on the changing table when changing nappies.

  • Filling: Soft grey goose down.
  • Fabric: 100% cotton Cambric, very tightly woven to prevent  the filling to come out. This also prevents the dust mites to enter.

Washing: Tepid water and tumble dry with some white tennis balls to bounce back elasticity to the filling.
To avoid washing the pillow often we suggest using an under pillow case.

Filling400g piume d'oca grigia
Shell100% cambric cotton
SupportLow and soft
Made inHungary