The "Feather Cloud"

€ 222,13 tax excl.

Feather Cloud®

Like our duvets and pillows, created to improve the of your sleep, we offer you the Feather Cloud® , a feather mattress cover to boost the comfort level of your bed mattress. Its particular structure was specifically designed by Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® to last through time.

The large lenghtywise double channel allows for a better flow of the feather content that helps prevent depressions formed in the same areas by the body often experienced with square feather covers currently on the market.

Made of a double layer of down and feathers it envelopes the body with a comforting softness and provides support to the pressure points on the shoulders and hips, favoring better muscle relaxation and providing a regenerative sleep.

It is easily fastened to the mattress thanks to four elastics at the corners.

A blissful sleep with the Feather Cloud lets you enjoy a better day.