The Lightweight D'OC Duvet

€ 617,00 tax incl.

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This luxurious goose down duvet is the lightest among our winter duvets. For this reason you may use it for several months of the year, if not for all year round. Perfect for couples with different body temperatures, because it allows them to sleep together without any issue. It is also ideal for well-heated and well-insulated bedrooms.

Filling: 100% big goose down clusters - ulterior selection of the highest-grade goose down clusters.

Fabric: Bright White Swiss cotton Batiste

12 years warranty

Furthermore, the Lightweight D'Oc duvet is an excellent choice for well insulated and heated environments.  

Minimum massic volume EN 12130 cm 13

Quantity of filling: 61 g. per m².

EN 12934: Pure Goose.

Filling: exclusively made with hand selected bigger, more elastic and more full-bodied goose down clusters from mature geese, raised in the Nordic cold climate, where they develop a particularly large clusters with the natural hygroscopic properties, insulation, volume and lightness. Only the most voluminous clusters are used for the filling of the Leggerissimo D'OC duvet.

Fabric: The white Batiste shell is woven from long-combed Egyptian cotton fibres. The batiste fabric allows air to flow through to be trapped by the down clusters, which are breathable enough to grant healthy transpiration for those who sleep under the duvet. The fabric is soft to the touch and is resistant to washing.

Structure: This summer duvet’s structure is characterised by a square configuration with direct seams. They interrupt the surface of the duvet, creating cool areas that allow the evaporation of the natural moisture of the body.