The Kidestiv Duvet

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  • Lettino (100cm x 140cm x 85g)

在春天步入尾声和夏夜,请不要忘记使用The Kidestiv羽绒被



Incredibly soft and light, the goose down have been hand selected to ensure only the largest clusters are chosen as fill. Particularly elastic and resilient, the natural properties of the down allows it to act as an excellent thermal insulator as it can trap and hold air. Its antirheumatic and hypoallergenic qualities helps promote a comfortable rest.

Our policy is to use only the finest new raw materials and implement eco-friendly production practices that respect the safe-keeping of animal welfare, nature and the environment.

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Goose down cluster


Made of 100% natural white fibres, pure cambric cotton threads. This breathable fabric allows air to easily pass through and permits the fill to trap and block air to create the perfect insulation and also allow for healthy body transpiration.

It is tightly woven to prevent the escape of down and deter dust and mites from penetrating. Soft to the touch yet resistant to wear.

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Down proof fabric (Zoom 20x)


Its structure is made of stitched through squares to facilitate the flow of air and create cool zones that promote the evaporation of body heat.

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Duvet channels with baffles
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