Riflu BABY Pillow

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  • Riflu BABY

38x55 cm - Very soft and low - Filling: 400g - Structure: Triangular profile

Riflu BABY is the anti-reflux pillow designed by Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® for the little ones.

Its 25 ° inclination it guarantees a peaceful sleep helping to prevent reflux and to facilitate the breathing of newborns when they have a cold. it is very important to keep the nose clean with physiological solution to free the blocked nose.

Made with 100% natural materials Riflu BABY also ideal as an inclined plane on the changing table when changing nappies.

  • Filling: Soft grey goose down.
填充物400g piume d'oca grigia
内衬100% 棉麻防漏绒、耐洗
SupportLow and soft
Made inHungary