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The Canamais Quilt

€ 145,08 tax excl.

  • Single Size (150x220cm)
  • Super King size (260x220cm)

Canamais is a quilt entirely made from100% environmentally friendly natural fibers.

Thanks to new technologies we're now able to develop natural fibers for quilting with eco friendly raw materials.

Canamais is the result of this trend of bringing back to a daily use materials like hemp and maize.

Canamais' filling is made of 50% hemp fiber and 50% maize fiber, this quilt dissipates moisture keeping the bed cool, without substances which may cause allergies.

The 100% organic cotton shell ensures an optimal air flow

Canamais is a great mix of tradition and technology to help us have an healthy sleep and good for the environment.

填充物50% canapa e 50% fibra di mais
填充量1200g ca
内衬100% Cotone
Warranty24 month
grado di calore1