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40x40 cm - Soft and low - Weight: 450g - Classic square pillow.

Small in size (40cm x 40cm) but big in comfort. While the size of this pillow makes it perfect as a decorative pillow, thanks to its down and feather filling,  it also offers softness, lightness and comfort, making it very suitable for relaxing when reading or even using it as a sleeping pillow.

  • Filling: Small silver goose down. 450 g
  • Fabric: 100% Twill cotton, very tightly woven to prevent  the filling to come out. This also prevents the dust mites to enter.
  • White color
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  • If you want a custom pillowcase made of our duvet covers' fabric, please contact us.
Filling450g piume d'oca bianca
Shell 100% Twill cotton
SupportLow and soft
Made inHungary