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To obtain quality sleep you have to give importance to the choice of  your personal pillow! 
Correct sleeping habits helps us to get a  good night sleep, so that we wake up and  feel rested in the morning. Wrong spinal posture may cause back and neck problems including headaches. If you sleep with the wrong pillow both joints and muscles may be affected. Sometimes wrong  head and neck positioning will affect breathing and  can even be the cause of snoring. 

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  • The Chiropractic Pillow

    Generally the Chiropratic pillow makes people sleep much better, because they move and toss less during sleep. The two channels, top and bottom, varied in size and in weight, allow a better adaptability of the pillow in  relation to the length of the neck.

  • Mini-U Pillow

    Is an advanced U shaped travel pillow with a double cover which transforms it into two different shapes. With the Mini U in both covers you will use it as a ergonomic travel pillow which puts your head and neck correctly so that you avoid tensions while sleeping on long trips. It is also practical as you can clip it into your suitcase while you are struggling around in airport.
    Without the second cover you will at home use the funny shaped scarf with a cute hump in the middle to give support to your neck and to diminish your cervical pain.

  • The Low Pillow

    The low pillow is made with down and small soft  duck feathers: Softness, lightness, adaptability and low bulk,  when compressed.

  • The Multi-use Pillow

    The multi-use pillow was created for people who spend a lot of time in bed doing non-sleeping activities, such as reading a book, playing videogames and surfing on the internet with a laptop.

  • The Round Pillow

    The round pillow is made with small soft white  duck feathers. It is  a cute, small version of the French pillows. Throw it on your bed as a decorative pillow, put it under your tired arm and will support it softly, same goes for the neck while reading or watching a film. 

  • The Multifunction Voyager Pillow

    This  miniature three-channel duvet, you can roll, fold and squeeze into a fist and carry with you all over the globe like a Linus blanket.

  • The Long Pillow

    Comfortable body pillow. The Long pillow revolutionizes the concept of traditional pillows. Is 120cm x 40cm with 830 gr of white duck down and small duck feathers.

  • The D'oc Pillow

    The D'OC pillow is maximum softness. It is a two layered pillow with fine selected white duck downs inside, contained in a inner cambric shell, which is afterwards covered by a fine batiste fabric layer.

  • The "Biggy" Pillow

    When children get their first bed, they are proud and "Biggy" :-)
    But we all know that it is more healthy for them to sleep low. Their bones are still soft and should be in a physiologic position.
    Hence we created the low and soft "Biggy" pillow for them.

  • The 3 Soft Pillow

    Indulge yourself with the ultimate softness for a matchless night's sleep with this three layer down feather pillow.

  • The Anatomical Pillow

    The anatomical pillow fills the space between the mattress and your neck and places your head correctly, so your sleeping posture is not compromised.

  • The High Pillow

    This pillow is offering firm support due to its high feather content.

  • The Boomerang Pillow

    This original body pillow U-shaped down and feather pillow is designed for people who sleep on their side.

  • The Small Pillow

    Small in size (38cm x 55cm) but big in comfort for both grown ups and children.