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60 years ago nearly everyone wore clothes and slept in bed linen which had been made-to-measure but now almost all textiles are mass produced in Asia.

However, Piumini Danesi pooq dene still makes made-to-measure bed linen in Europe, as we respect the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes and so do bedrooms.

Piumini Danesi is still made in Denmark and our duvet covers are still made in Italy and we have always offered our clients a “Made-to-Measure” service. Although we do advise our clients to carefully consider whether they really need a duvet, pillow or duvet cover made-to-measure as these specially made products are rather costly as the factory has to stop its day-to-day production to craft your personal duvet.

Special Sizes - Bespoke duvets that are designed for you! You will need a “Made-to Measure” Duvet/Duvet cover if:

  • Your bed is oversized / undersized
  • You have a special-sized bed in your sailboat or on your yacht
  • You have a round bed
  • You are taller or larger than average.
  • Or simply, you have a special duvet desire you wish to fulfil.

How to order your “Made-to-Measure” Duvet

  • First measure the surface and height of your mattress and decide how much “extra duvet” you desire on the 2 lateral sides, do the same with the foot end of your mattress (depending on whether your bed has a footboard or not).
  • If you are not sure, just e-mail us the size and height of your mattress, the measurement from the floor to the top of your bed, and how much of your bed you wish to cover and we will e-mail you our recommendations.
  • If you are very tall, remember that your duvet has to be 25 cm longer than your height.
  • If you are very large, remember that your duvet has to be at least 30 cm wider than your chest measurement.
  • Whatever unusual form of a duvet you desire for your special-made bed - just e-mail us the details or send us a drawing with your measurements and our experts will design and create the duvet you are looking for.

How to order your “Made-to-Measure” Duvet cover – and the sheet for your mattress:

For the duvet cover, you follow the same procedure as for the duvet itself. For the sheet for your mattress you will have to decide if you want it with 1) elastic around it so it holds underneath your mattress or if you just want 2) a simple sheet which you fold under the mattress.

  • For 1) let us know the size and height of your mattress for 2) same information as number 1) plus how much fabric you wish to fold under the mattress.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!! All our duvets and duvets covers are produced slightly larger than ordered to allow for calculated washing shrinkage. For the duvet this is 3% and for the duvet covers it is 5%. After the first wash both articles will keep the size ordered. But if you wish to have a “perfect” size immediately, you should let us know.

“Made-to-Measure” Pillows
We can make pillows in all shapes and sizes and pillow covers to match in all colours and patterns. We mainly make pillows “Made-to-Measure” for yachts and boats. However, we have to inform our clients that made-to-measure pillows have an un-proportionally high cost as we have to put the production in our Danish factory on hold while they are made.