Piumini Danesi scudo

Baby Bag "Nido di Coccole"Lastest Creations

Nido di coccole” means in Italian “the soft nest of hugs” and what more can you ask for, when you for instance need to run an errand and instead of disturbing the little one by dressing him, you just put baby into the “hug bag” ;-) and off you go.

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SnuggyLastest Creations

The Comfortable down boots.
You will not have trouble  any longer falling asleep because your feet are cold and you are tossing around in bed to get them warm. 

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Varmer - Hand warmerLastest Creations

Varmer is a Danish word, which means heater and varmer can be used as an elegant  muff (hand warmer) and  with 2 pieces,  you use them as leg warmers.

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Carol Duvet CoverLastest Creations

The Stewart dress tartan very popular and appreciated by those who love the Scottish check pattern. Reversible duvet cover which combines a modern white, green and blue yarn dyed tartan on one side with a plain green on the other side pure cotton 100%.

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PooqLastest Creations

Pooq is Piumini Danesi’s flagship fabric, resembling the world-famous blue and white Danish porcelain.

The pooq duvet-cover gives a stylish bedroom even more unique elegance. Exclusive design Made in Italy.

100% cotton sateen.

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Mandala Duvet CoverLastest Creations

Mandala will be your personal amazing microcosm with interlocking white circles forming a geometric pattern on a pearly grey background.

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The Light Duvet

Only soft voluminous, elastic and resistant goose down clusters.  The Light Duvet is recommended for room temperatures which exceed 22/23°at

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3D Air ConLastest Creations

It is a special under pillow case done with a fabric that is an high-tech three-dimensional integrated system able of dissipating the excess of heat and humidity giving a feeling of freshness , moreover this particular fabric gently massages the neck and makes you sleep better.

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The "Cool" Pillow

The Cool pillow, is a low, soft cushion with one side containing a special fabric with refrigerants microcapsules that can convey a pleasant feeling of cool for about 20 minutes. If the body temperature increases , the microcapsules store the excess heat. When the temperature drops the microcapsules push away the heat accumulated earlier.

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Matching SheetsLatest Creations

Each textyle product is a unique piece of craftsmanship individually made in small cottage industries run by Italian families. This means that every duvet cover is unique with its own personality and quality guaranteed by Piumini Danesi® pooq dene®.

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Compact+ PillowLatest Creations

Compact+ is a pillow with an higher and more compact side and the other one softer and lower.
In the middle of the pillow there is a groove that allows those people who like to sleep on their stomach, to breathe more easily.

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Sleeping Quality

Piumini Danesi pooq dene is a result of care for tradition and up to date technology. They are always the highest quality of goose down - but with different insulation to encounter different thermal and aesthetic requirements.


Customer Testimonials

Dear Else!!!

Me and my husband are so pleased with the your attitude to the customers. Here, in America, we have been spoiled with the customer service. But your service is impeccable!!! Such a kind communications and in a matter of a week- my new pillows are resting on my bed... These are hands down, the most awesome pillows, we ever owned.
Thanks a lot, again. With kind regards,


FluffyLastest Creations

Fluffy- soft slippers in soft duck down in an attractive burgundy colour. Wrap your feet in a  soft embrace.

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Lazy-LuxHigh Requested

Literally "lazy luxury" is the brand new quilted duck down robe.  You can find it in the 2017 fashion colours twilight blue and burgundy red, Lazy-Lux is the best way to pamper yourself in the mornings and to relax in when you come home in the evening.

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Great new location in Palermo

Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® shop moves to Via Notarbartolo, 27/a.

Take the occasion to visit us and discover all the products of the new line "Cool" for you and your family’s bedroom to remove from your life the warmest side of Summer

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The Chiropractic Pillow

Generally the Chiropratic pillow makes people sleep much better, because they move and toss less during sleep. The two channels, top and bottom, varied in size and in weight, allow a better adaptability of the pillow in  relation to the length of the neck.

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Natural Wellness

The "Feather Cloud" is our luxury double-layer featherbed. A blissfully soft cushion between you and your rigid mattress.

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“Silk” the quilt of your dreams

So much luxury in the coating, so it is valuable in the content, sophisticated finishes, amazing to the touch thanks to its prestigious  silk fabric that our quilt “Silk” would be a perfect sumptuous royal cape on the shoulders of a beautiful princess. The quilt “Silk” it is filled with pure goose down, incomparably pleasant to the touch, a luxurious silk jacquard fabric, colour ivory, valuable attention to the details for a gorgeous visual impact that will leave your partner and you guests astonished. 

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