The Classic Duvet

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  • Single Size (150x220cm x 850g)
  • Double size (200x220cm x 1125g)
  • King size (220x220cm x 1220g)
  • Super King size (260x220cm x 1500g)

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The original classic duvet is recommended for colder environments. Ideal for those who like to sleep in cooler chambers or for use in slightly heated or unheated bedrooms.

Our original duvet has been in production for more than 40 years. In keeping with tradition, it is made with only high-quality pure goose down and the finest sky blue cambric cotton fabric.

Soft, light and resilient, it has withstood the test of time. Ideal for those who rely heavily on their duvet to secure them warmth, it is available in all sizes and can also be custom-made to suit specific needs. TOG 13.5


The fill is new, soft and light high-grade goose down originating from cold Nordic regions. Particularly elastic and resilient, the natural properties of the fluffy down allows it to act as an excellent thermal insulator as it can trap and hold air. Its antirheumatic and hypoallergenic qualities helps promote a comfortable rest.

Our policy is to use only the finest new raw materials and implement eco-friendly production practices that respect the safe-keeping of animal welfare, nature and the environment. TOG 13.5

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Goose down cluster


The shell is made of natural fibers; 100% cotton cambric thread. This breathable fabric allows air to easily pass through and permits the fill to trap and block air to create the perfect insulation and also allow for healthy body transpiration.

It is tightly woven to prevent the escape of down and deter dust and mites from penetrating. Soft to the touch yet resistant to wear.

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Down proof fabric (Zoom 20x)


Our signature duvet structure is characterised by its vertical channels, made with inner baffles (vertical lining), that favours an even distribution of down. This enables the down to trap air and maintain its loft to provide maximum insulation and offer uniform warmth.

As the down is minimally compressed, greater durability and longevity is obtained. The design structure follows the natural line of the body to ensure the best coverage.

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Duvet channels with baffles
Filling100% new large goose down - EN 12934 Pure Goose
Fill powercm 11 – EN 12130 (European standard for measuring thermal efficiency)
Filling volume259 g/m2
Shell100% cambric cotton
Shell colorsky blue
Warranty10 years
CategoryKing and Super King size
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