New Transformer

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€ 153,28 tax excl.

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Among the special creations of Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® the New Trasformer relax duvet is for sure the pinnacle of comfort on your days off or after a long day of work.
Thanks to the comfortable sleeves, our weareable duvet can be used on the sofa or on your favorite armchair, to read a book or checking the latest news on the tablet avoiding uncovering youself while turning page or looking for your glasses.
Effortlessly it becomes a nice dressing gown to move around the house without giving up its warmth.
Finally in summer, thanks to the practical pocket and pillowcase supplied, it can be folded and turned into a comfortable and beautiful decorative pillow.

  • Available in 3 colours:
  • Grey colour with Taupe colour in the inner side.
  • Grey.
  • Taupe.
  • Size: 180x140 cm.
  • Shell fabric: 100% Cambric cotton.
  • Filling: 470g new grey duck down