The Filling Power

The confusion of labelling on down and feather products:

Percentage of down  – SIS – VOLUME / WEIGHT (EN 12130 – EN 13186 – EN 12934) – FILLING POWER – TOG
In the field of down and feathers, the more parameters of quality that have been issued ,  the more consumers find it difficult to make a choice. Given the lack of uniformity of the global down and feather markets quality parameters, it is not easy to perform comparisons or get clear information. For example, there is no global agreement on the amount of down to test when laboratories perform the complicated volume test.  In the USA the sample amount of down of 28.4 g. whilst in Europe there is still a debate on whether to use 30 or 20 gr.
Initially, it was easy to understand the filling of your duvet or pillow, as the quality parameter was  the indication of the  percentage of goose/duck  down  versus feather in the duvet or pillow.   (Danimarca srl Piumini Danesi  ® pooq dene ® used 98% of goose down clusters and 2% goose feathers) . When this system of percentages got distorted due to label abuse,  the Swedish parameter  SIS 705015 (Test Weight /Volume) was applied. SIS  was mainly  used in Northern Europe. The SIS test was performed on a sample of 20 gram of down to  measure its ability to retain air on a scale of value from 1 to 12. 

(Danimarca srl Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®, always reached with the SIS 705015 a value on more than than 10,5 – 11).
With the liberalisation of the European market, the EU states aimed at establishing a single index for Europe, of weight / volume: (EN 12130 – EN 13186 – EN 12934), which remains the current EU regulations for down and feather.
EN 12130 Fill Power, EN 12934 Labelling Specifications,  EN 12935 Hygiene and Cleanliness.
The EN 12130  test is still  performed on a sample of 20 gram of down to measure its ability to retain air,  the value scale  is from 3 to 13 cm, after which, the value obtained is converted into g / cm ³  on volumetric scale, from 199 to 400 + g / cm ³, 
  (Danimarca srl Piumini Danesi ® pooq dene ®, on this scale from 3cm to 13cm, reaches the  maximum value of 13 cm and on the scale of volume from 199 to 400+ g / cm ³ reaches a maximum value of 440 g / cm ³).

In the US, the parameter of quality is the FILL POWER, calculated in ounces / inch ³ (oz / in ³), on a scale from 200 to 800 + oz / in ³. In England the parameter of quality is the TOG system that indicates only the thermal capacity, on a scale from 3 to 13.5.  The TOG value does not take account of the volume. ( Example a heavy duvet made with  3 kg of big feathers may have a higher TOG that the lightest and  warmer duvet with  1500 g. of  goose down cluster).