Structure and Stitches

What role does the structure of the duvet play?
Stitched through squares, squares with baffles, channels?

Stitched through squares: The square structure stiffens the duvet and creates cold zones along its seamlines. The filling, which is crushed and tends to amass in the corner seams, will retain less air resulting in a loss of thermal insulation, resiliency and loft.

Baffled squares: square structure duvets are also produced with baffles which is an internal strip of fabric acting as a wall between the squares to allow for air circulation. In this case the filling is less compressed so thermal insulation is much better. In order to fill the squares each baffled square must have an opening that allows for the insertion of a tube to leave an equal amount of filling in each square. As this opening is not sealed, in time the content will shift from square to square leaving empty areas.

Our vertical baffle channel duvets: Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® duvets are stitched with vertical channels containing inner baffles (vertical walls) of varying heights to allow the down to expand as much as possible, trapping air and thus creating the perfect insulator. The baffles permit a homogenous distribution of the down along the channel structure and as each channel is sealed, there is no shift of down from one channel to another. As the down is minimully compressed greater durability and longevity is gained. This design structure is in line with the body to ensure optimum coverage.


Let’s debunk the channel myth!

Long ago, when this duvet was created the channels were very large and the fill would eventually make its way to the bottom of the duvet, making it heavy enough to slide off the bed.

This didn’t hinder Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® who believed the baffle channel structure was the right design choice and invested in a study to determine the perfect channel width, allow a homogenous distribution of the fill, optimise air circulation and provide maximum insulation in addition to ensuring it didn’t slide off the bed.

Since its creation, Piumini Danesi pooq dene has alway made its Danish duvets with baffled channels. Over the years, the structure and weights have been adapted to accommodate changes in climate and household environments.