Wash and dry instructions


Home wash
It is very important to verify your washing machine is large enough to accommodate your duvet or pillows. Wash these items separately. If you need to force the items into your machine then it is likely the machine is too small. In this case, we recommend the use of a large capacity washing machine, often found in Laundromats.

Top loading machines
1. Half fill the washing machine with tepid water and add a mild detergent, ensure it is evenly distributed then add your duvet or pillows and complete filling with water.
2. Select the delicate or gentle programme.
3. Upon completion, send it through the same cycle a second time but without the addition of any detergent.
4. Refrain from skipping step 3 and sending it through the rinse cycle instead as this cycle is too short and it is important all traces of soap are thoroughly removed from your duvet or pillows.

Front loading machines
1. Place your duvet or pillows in the machine and select the delicate or gentle programme.
2. Add a mild detergent in the dispenser and start your machine.
Follow steps 3 and 4 of Top loading machine instructions above.

Home or Laundromat Dryer
1. Place the duvet or pillows in the dryer with some new and clean tennis balls (if available) as this will help evenly distribute the fill content; the balls will not damage the items.
2. Run for 60 minutes on a low heat programme.
3. Remove and fluff, continue the drying process if still damp.
4. When finished lay the duvet or pillows out to cool, if possible outdoors shielded from the sun.
5. Ensure all items are thoroughly dry before placing on your bed.

Dry cleaning services
Do not dry clean your duvet or pillows. Transport them in a cloth bag, not plastic if you must send them out for cleaning. Give instructions to wet wash your items with a mild detergent (such as for wool) on a gentle wash programme and tumble dry at low heat.

Up to 5% shrinkage after washing may occur in the lengthwise direction of the duvet.