The Fabric

Why is the quality of the Down Proof cotton covers so important?

Why the down proof cotton is so important?
The quality of the duvet shell is important due to different factors:
The natural fibres, the 100% fine cotton thread, used for the fabric, is important for the filling to loft up, i.e. to allow space for the millions of small air pockets and thus provide isolation, but  also for whisking away  body moisture the porosity of the same thread is important.
The woven density of the fabric has to guarantee for years that the filling will not come out. And that dust mites cannot penetrate inside the duvet.
The washability of the duvet in washing machines.
That the fabric does not crackle and make a noise and that the fabric feels delicate on your skin. The fabric must not be heavy and must not have a “plastic” feeling.

The fabric must look beautiful on your bed for those who want to sleep with old fashioned sheets and who do not want to use the duvet covers.
Danimarca s.r.l. Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® uses for its duvet shells and pillow cases only 100% cotton cambric and batiste  fabric.

For the classic duvets, the shells are made with 100% pure cotton cambric 53×48 NM 100/100
For the D’OC Duvet the shells are made with 100%  Cotton batiste 62×59 NM 135/135
For the pillows 100% cambric PS 65: and 100%twill N65.