Care instructions

  • We recommend your air your duvet for at least 10 minutes every morning to allow for moisture release. Gently fluff your duvet prior to laying it on the bed.
  • Periodically air your duvet outdoors, such as on a laundry line, balcony or windowsill especially on a cool breezy day to freshen it up.
  • Use a duvet cover at all times. This helps protect your duvet and is very practical as they can be washed on a regular basis. The use of duvet covers also allows you to change the decor of your bedroom quickly and easily. Duvet covers add to the longevity of your duvet as it reduces the need to wash it often.
  • Flip your duvet from the top to bottom of your bed every few weeks. This will help to minimise the wear on a particular section and ensure the fill is evenly distributed.
  • Small spots or stains can be removed using warm water and small amount of mild soap. Never use a vacuum cleaner on your duvet. A properly cared duvet should only require washing every few years. Do not dry clean, if you must send it to a cleaning service instruct them to gently wet wash your duvet in tepid water with mild detergents and tumble dry at low heat.
  • Store your duvet in a breathable bag, preferably cotton or linen or wrap it in a cotton sheet, do not use plastic or vinyl. Your duvet needs to breath in order to release any moisture build up. After being stored for a long period of time, the duvet should be gently shaken in order to fluff the down clusters.