It is important to distinguish between allergies triggered by the content of a product versus the components that make up that product as well as take into consideration environmental factors related to outdoor or indoor conditions. For the exception of specific and rare allergies directly related to geese and duck feathers there are no other reasons not to use down and feather products. What is fundamental is that validation of raw materials are guaranteed for authenticity and health safety.
The Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® down and feathers undergo a series of cleaning procedures: de-dusting, washing and sterilization at a temperature of 120°C.
The fabric lining is pure 100% cambric or batiste cotton, whose tight weave impedes the escape of down and acts as a barrier to prevent the passage of dust mites.
The complete production process, from start to finished product, takes place in our Danish factory with strict adherence to the European norms. In addition, it is annually tested and certified Oeko-Tex to ensure fabrics pose no risk to human health.
We recommend the use of a duvet cover for extra protection; easy to use and wash. Our feather products have obtained the european certification NOMITE, which recognises their suitability for household dust and mite allergy sufferers.