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Lloyd: A must-have duvet cover, if your motto for decorating is “less is more”.

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Focus on

For summer nights the Lightest duvet "Leggerissimo" is a wisp of freshness. The filling’s unparalleled lightness allows for maximum transpiration while absorbing the difficult night-time humidity. More than a duvet, the lightest is like a natural thin goose down blanket.

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Customer Testimonials

Dear Else,
We have got our oder. It was much quicker than we supposed. Thank you!
Also thank you ever so much for high quality pillow, blanket and a set of bedlinnen. It is only confirm my opinion about Italians - you have got the best taste in the world!!
Great success in your business!!
Sincerely yours,


Care instructions.

"Back from vacation we start to think about the coming new season.
The evening breeze caresses our shoulders and with a chill reminds us of our comfortable Duvet dozing in the closet."

If it is the year you want to wash your Duvet pooq dene®, remember that all you need is lukewarm water and a mild detergent.Click on "READ MORE" for more details.

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The Duvets Piumini Danesi® pooq dene® are Made in Denmark and Duvet Covers, Bedding etc. are Made in Italy, we can offer you a Made-to-measure service.

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